Mini-retreat: Self-Care Saturday


Take time out from everyday life to nourish your mind, body and soul with a mini-retreat focused on self-care. This is a day of yoga, delicious food, mindfulness and more, led by yoga teacher Claire Mace and friends, which will give you the tools you need to nurture and care for yourself as you embrace the new year and its challenges. A morning yoga session, suitable for all, will be followed by a healthy vegetarian lunch, then the afternoon focus is on relaxation and healing, through a range of tools and techniques. Saturday February 5th 10am-5pm at Holyhead St Mary’s church hall.


Saturday 9th February 2019 10am-5pm

St Mary’s Church Hall, Longford Road, Holyhead LL65 1TR

£70 Non-residential, lunch included (£60 Earlybird until 1st January)

This is a day that’s all about nurturing you. Switch off your mobile phone, wear your comfiest, stretchy clothes, and spend a day exploring tools to help you better connect to yourself and care for your body, mind and soul.

There will be a nice long yoga session in the morning, with modifications given for both beginners to yoga and more advanced yogis. Please note this is a heated space: expect to sweat in the yoga class, but bring warm clothes and blankets to make yourself comfortable for the relaxation at the end of the yoga class.

After yoga you will enjoy a healthy and inspiring vegan lunch made by wild plant expert Jules Cooper.

You will also get a chance to explore other self-care tools including essential oils, mindfulness, massage, sound and the importance of the seasons.

  • ENJOY NURTURE – enjoy a lovingly crafted and inspiring vegan lunch
  • INTERNAL SPACE – learn basic mindfulness tools
  • CELEBRATE CYCLES – recognise seasons as central to self-care
  • FEEL INSPIRED – explore how sound and chanting can help you feel more blissful and relaxed
  • HEALING TOUCH – learn massage techniques for supporting you, your friends and family
  • INHALE DELIGHT – experience essential oils that can support your health


10am Arrive and settle in

  • Enjoy a herbal tea and explore essential oils
  • Nice long yoga session with Claire Mace
  • Introduction to some simple massage techniques

1pm Delicious vegetarian lunch

2pm More self-care tools

  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Seasonal self-care
  • Blissful sound session

5pm Day ends

Have any questions about our retreats or workshops? Call Claire on 07970 409 724 - if you don't get through leave a message and she'll call you back. Dismiss