September 10th 2022: “Gathering In” Yoga Retreat Day

Join Claire Mace for a mini-retreat exploring tuning into the energy of Autumn, gathering in the gifts of the summer, and letting go of the busy-ness of the summer months. More here.

December 30th-January 1st 2022-2023: Step Forward in a Good Way Yoga Retreat

What would New Year’s Eve feel like if it were alcohol-free, TV-free and firework-free? This healing retreat features yoga sessions to help you connect deeply to your body and its wisdom, to release old patterns and bring in fresh energy. More here.

March 3rd-5th 2023: Arianrhod Weekend

Join storytellers Cath Little and Claire Mace for a weekend exploring the myth and magic of Arianrhod’s legend. Walk the land, hear the story, explore with other women. What does Arianrhod teach us about how to survive as women in this world today? Book your spot here.